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I am a gifted and talented licensed massage therapist with intuitive hands. I specialize in pain and wellness management. I listen and pay attention to your requested therapeutic needs for each massage session.

If you need only a relaxing massage, you will receive it.

If you need myofascial release during your session, you will receive it.

If you need a deep tissue massage, you will receive it.

If you need stretching during your massage, you will receive it. 

If you need relief of chronic pain in a specified area, you will receive it.

 (Example Neck & Shoulders).

With persistent chronic pain you need more than one session. Each clients response to wellness pain relief is different as to how many sessions you may need to rid the pain. It is recommended for wellness and pain management to receive a massage at a minimum of every 4 weeks for an 1 hour - 90 minute session and bi-weekly is even better.




Corporate Chair Massages, Social Events, & Bridal Parties are also available.

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